We have used them twice and both times they were excellent. We changed some light fixtures and did some new lighting in a bathroom area. Their bid was everything we wanted. They showed up on time and they did everything we asked.
— Launie Lindholm, Homeowner
They are prompt, knowledgeable, effective and they clean up after themselves when the work is complete. They are very friendly and I would recommend them.
— Jeanne Schoel, Homeowner
For more than two weeks, the electricity in certain parts of my house would go out. I would go to the breaker box and turn the circuit breakers off and on, and the electricity would return. I decided that I better have the problem checked out and called my regular electrician. He could not come out for more than ten days. I made the appointment. A few days later, on a Saturday, the electricity went out but would not turn on again. I called my regular electrician (but) he couldn’t come out until the date previously set. But I needed someone immediately…. I called DeKorte Electric. My call was quickly answered by a friendly and efficient woman from their answering service. She assured me that she would call an electrician immediately and he would call me back. Soon, Steve called me, asked me a few questions and assured me that he would be at my house in less than an hour. It turns out that the three DeKorte Electricians available for emergencies live in different parts of town so they reach customers quickly. Steve came to my house, I explained the problem as I saw it, and showed him the circuit breaker box. He wanted to look outside where the electrical wires connect to my house. He thought that a connection was deteriorated. He called PGE, explained the situation and 10-20 minutes later, a PGE electrician arrived, inspected the old line connection, and said he could fix it within 10 minutes. He did—- he, too, was friendly and knowledgeable. Steve suggested that we inspect the circuit breaker box and confirm that all the lights (and the freezer and dishwasher) were working. They were. I’ve had problems with repair people who made their repairs but did not check them out only for me to discover after they left that the repair did not work. So, I am very happy with DeKorte Electric. Steve stated as he was going out my door, “I love my job.”
— Helen Dillon, Homeowner