If you’ve decided you’re tired of freezing through the winter, groping for light switch installed behind a door, seeing wires dangling from your TV, or other inconveniences, DeKorte Electric is here to help you update your home for maximum comfort, convenience, and safety.

Low Voltage

Phone and Data Cabling
We will ensure you have the connections you need in order to send and receive the data within your own LAN, cabled back to your computer router or server.

Home Office
We design and install Ethernet cabling so you can join multiple computers and printers to the same network. We also install connections for telephones, cable modems, fax machines, and more.

Home Theater
Enjoy the cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. Wall-mounted flat screen TVs are chic and save space. Wires and cables for speakers and media devices are concealed within the wall for a sleeker appearance and to prevent pets or small children from playing with them.

Outlets and Lights

The location of outlets and lights should match your lifestyle, not the other way around. Outlets can be installed wherever it’s most convenient for you to plug in your computer, phone, TV, and other electrical devices.

If your light switch is inconveniently located, such as halfway inside a room or behind a door, these can be moved to be more accessible.

Also, a three-way switch system can be wired so that the lights can be turned on or off from two separate locations. This is convenient for areas that have two thresholds, such as connecting rooms, hallways, and staircases.

Hot Tub and Sauna Installation

Portland’s the ideal climate for a backyard hot tub or sauna. In the winter, the crisp air keeps your head cool while the warm water melts away muscle tension and stress. In the summer, a hot tub or sauna is a great nucleus for backyard parties. DeKorte Electric will install power for your preferred placement. We ensure the installation is done using the latest Oregon electrical codes and wired for optimized safety.


Energy Star appliances save electricity, as well as being some of the top of the line refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, laundry machines, and clothes dryers available today. If you’re upgrading your appliance, we can ensure it receives the correct amount of power for maximum performance and safety.

Lighting Options

Design your home to reflect your personality and needs with a variety of lighting options: track lighting, accent lighting, recessed lighting, flush mounts, chandeliers, sconces, rail, pendants, and more. Optimal lighting improves your home in many ways: creating ambiance, brightening work spaces, illuminating cabinets or shelves, and highlighting artwork are only some of the practical and aesthetic benefits of updated lighting.

Heating & Air Conditioning

We wire for a variety of heating and air conditioning options: ductless split systems, heat pumps, electric furnaces, boilers, A/Cs, and more. Whatever your upgrade, we can wire it.

Knob & Tube Decommissioning

If your home was built between 1880 and through the 1920s, it’s possible your home has an old-fashioned electrical wiring system called knob and tube wiring. There are several benefits of upgrading this type of wiring.

Knob and tube wiring does not include a safety equipment-grounding conductor, so this wiring method is ungrounded. Therefore, in order to use three-prong plugs in your outlets for devices such as computers, TVs, surge protectors, your wiring must first be updated. Before you upgrade your attic’s insulation, you need to upgrade this electrical wiring, which may qualify for Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives. Covering knob and tube wiring with new insulation is a potential fire hazard. We will replace the old system with new wiring so you can have insulation installed safely and to code.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is affordable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. LEDs use less electricity and are more efficient than incandescent. This makes them ideal for lighting pathways for safety, as well as for showing off shrubbery and other lawn ornaments.

Home Automation

There are many available systems on the market that allow you to set the mood of your home by remote control: the intensity of the lighting, the level of the window shades, the temperature, and turning on or off your home entertainment center.